Skill-building Feedback Service

TOEFL Writing

Sherlen has a different and very effective feedback service for TOEFL students who need more feedback to improve their weaknesses in writing.

Getting feedback on essays from time to time without intensive focus WILL NOT fix your fossilized mistakes and improve your English proficiency.

This program is for you if:


You already attended Sherlen's Writing Studio classes.

You know writing strategies and templates to write an effective essay. You can apply the templates with success.


Sherlen gave you feedback on your weaknesses and strengths in Writing.

You realize that you need more practice with feedback to improve your English proficiency and erase fossilized mistakes to get your required scores.


For other TOEFL students who did not work with Sherlen:

You want to learn about your weaknesses strengths, and strategies with templates.

You understand getting random feedback from time to time is not effective. You want to improve your weaknesses fast with the support of an exam coach.

A Unique Feedback Service

With this Feedback Service, you have to work with Sherlen for 14 days by writing 4 Integrated and 4 Independent essays.

Getting random feedback from time to time without intensive focus on the solutions will not fix your fossilized mistakes and improve your English proficiency.

Sherlen will highlight all the mistakes on the essays with the highlighting code within 72 hours.

Sherlen will offer the solutions and skill-building exercises in each essay to improve the highlighted mistakes.

Sherlen will monitor your progress in each essay.

Then, in each essay, she will check to see if there is progress in topic development, coherence, and grammar. If she doesn't see the progress, she will assign more skill-building practice to fix the weaknesses.


You will feel supported for 14 days in your writing practice.

BONUS- At the end of 14 days, you will schedule a 30-minute consultation to discuss the progress.

You will be guided about what to do next.

Write - Analyze- Get feedback- Erase fossilized mistakes- Change your habits that block you from getting high scores- Create your confident self in writing by intensive training- Feel supported- Feel the progress- Feel your writing power!


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